If you are considering microblading for your eyebrows, you might be looking at other possibilities too. There are several reasons to choose microblading over other techniques, both temporary and permanent. It has a host of benefits if you’re looking for beautiful eyebrows without the fuss. The initial application takes a while. However, it’s worth it for all the other advantages you will discover.

Semi-permanent Brow Solution

We can spend a lot of time touching up our eyebrows. Plucking and threading to remove hairs, and pencilling in missing bits. It can be time-consuming and too much hassle for many people. However, there are other options available that last longer. Microblading gets you semi-permanent eyebrows using a micropigmentation process. Once you have had them applied, they will last anywhere from one year to three years. You can touch them up and refresh them to keep them going for as long as you want.

Highly Realistic Results

We have all seen a pair of tattoo eyebrows that you can spot as fake from a mile away. Tattooed eyebrows often come across as flat and incredibly obvious as not being real. But the use of a microblade when doing eyebrow embroidery means that the results are very different. Instead of the flat look of regular eyebrow tattoos, microblading eyebrows gives realistic results. The individual, fine strokes look like real hairs. So you can’t spot your brows as a cosmetic job without looking closely.

A Range of Purposes

Microblading is excellent to change your eyebrows in a number of ways. You can use the micro pigmentation technique to add shape and colour. If you have lost your eyebrows due to chemotherapy or alopecia, you can get them back using microblading. The process can fill in gaps and give more definition to anyone’s brows. If you have overplucked your brows, microblading can come to the rescue to get them back into shape. It can add length and thickness for healthy and beautiful eyebrows.

Show Off Your Brows Right Away

If you choose to have your eyebrows tattooed, it can take time for them to heal. They can look red and angry for a while, and you won’t want to show them off immediately. One of the benefits of microblading is that you don’t have to wait a long time for it to heal. Your brows will look great right away. They do still need to heal a little, and you might want to have a touch-up after a month of so.

Low Maintenance

Have you spent ages looking in the mirror, applying eyebrow makeup? Perhaps you have previously had eyebrow extensions, but you struggled to be careful with them. With microblading, you don’t need to be cautious with your new brows. You should have no trouble rubbing them, washing your face, or putting on makeup. They don’t require daily maintenance. Although, you might want to give them a boost with another appointment occasionally. You could get up to three years without having to take care of them.

Microblading is a superior choice for your eyebrows when you want a semi-permanent solution. Choose it when you want realistic brows.