There are different forms of semi-permanent makeup you might choose for your eyebrows.

Microblading is just one of them. They all give you semi-permanent results, so you might be unsure about which type is the best for you. More and more people are choosing microblading over other types of semi-permanent eyebrows. But why is microblading different to other methods? To understand why so many people prefer it, you have to know what sets it out from the rest. Here are the reasons microblading is different to other forms of semi-permanent makeup.

More Realistic Results

Compared to some other forms of semi-permanent makeup, microblading delivers much more realistic results. The technique used produces a 3D effect. You can’t get that with some other types of semi-permanent makeup. It also creates individual strokes, so that each “hair” is separate and adds to the overall look. Microblading, sometimes called eyebrow embroidery, is similar to cosmetic tattooing. For example, the hair stroke method of tattooing also creates individual hairs. However, many people prefer the realistic results that using a microblade offers.

A Longer Process

Unlike other types of micropigmentation, microblading eyebrows is done by hand. It doesn’t use a machine to apply the makeup quickly. The technician has a special tool which uses disposable blades. Everything is done by hand. So the process can take around an hour to apply the semi-permanent makeup. There is also a stage before this when the technician draws the eyebrows on using pencil. So the process of getting new eyebrows through microblading can take a while, but it’s worth it to wait for the results. It’s reassuring to know that your technician will take their time.


Another difference between microblading and other micro pigmentation methods is their permanence. Eyebrows from microblading won’t necessarily last as long as hair stroke tattoo eyebrows, for example. Cosmetic tattooing can last for several years, perhaps with a colour boost in between. With microblading, they could last anywhere from one year up to three years for some people. They will stay in great condition if the person who has them books another appointment to refresh them.

Lower Maintenance and Quicker Healing

One of the biggest differences between microblading and other semi-permanent makeup is the maintenance. After having microblading performed, your eyebrows will need a little time to heal and “settle in”. However, there isn’t any downtime required or any need to hide away in the dark. Some types of semi-permanent makeup can take longer to heal. Cosmetic tattooing requires you to look after the tattooed area and be careful to keep it clean. Microblading is simpler and less complicated. Once your eyebrows are looking great, you don’t have to worry about touching them either. People who get eyebrow implants have to remember not to rub them or accidentally pull them out. But with microblading, there are no such concerns.

There are several differences between microblading and other types of semi-permanent makeup. Most of the differences are a plus for people considering new eyebrows.